The Brewer's Edge - Web Development Project

The Brewer's Edge is hobbyist site designed specifically for the home beer brewing community. Southland was approached by an entrepreneur with a unique problem to that needed to be solved. As a home brewer he makes, and summarily gives away, a lot of beer, mostly going to friends and family. His problem was that the feedback that he got was often what he wanted to hear, not what he needed to hear. He suspected this is because people close to him didn't want to disappoint him (and risk being cut off). We worked with him to develop custom functionality that allows brewers to sign up, create and publish their recipes, create batches of beer and apply unique identifiers to each bottle given away. Now fans can come back to the site and leave unfiltered feedback, anonymously, through the UI. The brewer automatically receives feedback. Problem solved.
  • Date: Spring, 2015
  • Stack: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ruby on Rails
  • Other: Site deployed to Amazon AWS servers; Built responsively
  • URL: TheBrewer'